New Music, New Genre, On the Way!

Coming February 7th: A new single titled “Hold Me Closer,” which is the first release from an in-progress album I’m working on. This song and album are in a completely new genre for me: smooth jazz. In my opinion, the song came out really, really well, and I’m excited to release it.

On release day, you’ll be able to find it on your favorite streaming platforms. Simply follow my profile on your platform(s) of choice. …

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Find Me On Streaming and Social Platforms

Everybody wants to be liked. And so do I. So I’m asking all of you to find my pages on your favorite streaming and social platforms and “like” or “follow” me. It’s a big help to me as an artist, and it really doesn’t hurt you in any way.

Feel free to add my songs to your playlists as well.

Here are my links on some of the most-popular platforms. If you hang somewhere else, …

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Celebration of the Sun: Diurnal

Coming on Wednesday, April 19, 2023: A new 4-song EP entitled, Celebration of the Sun: Diurnal. It will be released on all of your favorite music-streaming platforms.

The songs have actually been around for awhile, uncompleted and unreleased. I like them a lot, and it’s time they were set free to see the light of day, so to speak. They follow the movement of the sun through the four major phases of the daytime …

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“Horton Hears a Ho!” – Audio recording, ebook, video!

The new release is out!

Horton Hears a Ho!” is poem in anapestic tetrameter (seriously! — look it up), in the style of Dr. Seuss. It even contains a little life-lesson — which, I will tell you here, was unintentional, but that’s just the way it came out. Sometimes you just go with the muses….

You can listen to the audio version on Spotify, Apple, or Amazon (and other digital music …

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New Release Coming – October 14th

Hey, everyone!! As I posted on Facebook a few days ago, I have a new release coming out on Friday, October 14th. I am really happy with it, I’ve worked on it for a long time.

It is going to be sort of a multi-media thing: sound recording on Spotify and other streaming platforms, plus a Kindle ebook on Amazon. I think you will like it. (You will especially like it if you have a …

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