Double-neck Guitar Project, Part 1 – Will It Work?

Here is a little toy/project I picked up on eBay last week. I’ve been wanting to try one of these for a long time, and I finally found one at a bargain-basement price.

Actually, I’ve sold this guy to pay for most of it. So it’s going to turn out to be an even better bargain. I’m trading a guitar that sort of duplicates what I already have for something unique and different.

I’ve never …

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Monday I Fell Off the Wagon

Meet the newest member of the family: A Fender Squire Bullet Strat. Not fancy or expensive by any means, but feels and sounds like a pretty decent guitar at first play, and it’s basically new out of the box. It still needs to get a real workout, of course, and then see how it holds up over time. But my initial impression is very good.

It will compete most directly with the Indiana Strat copy

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Indiana Strat copy, after, close-up

Indiana Strat Copy

Whammies and surfers and lipsticks, oh my!

Okay, I admit it. The main reason I bought this guitar was because it was dirt cheap. And also because it had a whammy bar. I’d never really worked with a whammy much, and I wanted something cheap and “expendable” to experiment on.

I ended up getting more than I bargained for (as I’ve found you often do with these inexpensive and/or old guitars). In addition to a …

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Applause AE-15 12-string

Applause AE-15 12-string

Space-age technology, indestructible neck

Found this guy on eBay listed as a “project” guitar. I asked the seller what was wrong with it. He said the action was a little high. Huh? That’s a project? I learned to play guitar on a cheap Kay acoustic in the ’60s… high action don’t bother me! (The action on this guitar wasn’t really all that high, anyway, until you get up around the 7th, 8th, 9th frets. And …

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Summer 2012 Group Shot

Summer 2012 Group Shot

We had a busy summer here…

Here is a group shot from August, 2012. It was getting a little crowded around here for awhile. Some of these guys will get their own pages soon, but for now we just got them all together for a group shot.


On the walls, left to right:

  • Applause AE-15 12-string
  • Ibanez PF-10
  • Applause AA-31

On stands, left to right:

  • Teisco (?) CE-101, with gold-foil pickup
  • Ibanez RX-60
  • Trump
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Silvertone 1457: Body Front

Silvertone 1457 with amp in case

Even Mick Jagger played one of these!

My parents got me this guitar when I was about 14. (For those of you who are counting, that would be around 1968…) I was psyched. It was cool, it was loud…. what more could you want?

I’ll tell you what: a Vox wah pedal, because my buddy Frank told me that was the kind of pedal Jimi Hendrix used. So I saved up enough money ($20!) to …

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Dean Edge 5 5-String Bass: Body

Dean Edge 5 5-string bass

So what’s that extra string for … ??

This was a garage-sale find. I’d always wanted to try out a bass, and there one was — great shape, low price, little bass amp and gig bag included. It came home with me. This is a very nice instrument, and I really liked the transparent red finish. But I just couldn’t get the hang of that extra string down there with the low notes. If I …

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