Find Me On Streaming and Social Platforms

Everybody wants to be liked. And so do I. So I’m asking all of you to find my pages on your favorite streaming and social platforms and “like” or “follow” me. It’s a big help to me as an artist, and it really doesn’t hurt you in any way.

Feel free to add my songs to your playlists as well.

Here are my links on some of the most-popular platforms. If you hang somewhere else, let me know and I’ll find a link for you and your friends, too. (Or you can just search for “Ed Perrone” on your favorite service, and I should be there.)

Amazon Music:
Apple Music:
YouTube Music:

X (formerly Twitter): (@TheCaptEddie)
Instagram: (@edperrone)
TikTok: (@realcaptaineddie)

Also remember, if you are posting stories, reels, etc., on any of these social platforms, my music is available to use as your background music. Just find it in the platform’s music library and add it to your posts.

Thank you in advance.