A Mystical Experience at Delphi

Some places just have a vibe about them. You can feel it when you go there. It’s in the air — or something. There’s just something special about the place, something perhaps a little other-wordly, something….

This is how “sacred places” become sacred.

Last month during our trip to Greece, we visited Delphi, site of the famous Oracle. Delphi has a vibe to it. It’s been a sacred site since as far back as …

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Delphi and the Oracle of Apollo

Almost everyone has heard at least a little bit about the Oracle of Delphi. This ancient priestess who prophesied in the name of the Greek god Apollo is mentioned at least briefly in most history books. But the mentions in the history books don’t do justice to the magnificent, sprawling temple complex, situated high on the side of a mountain, where the Oracle made her cryptic pronouncements. You simply have to be there to grasp …

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A Visit to Dracula’s Castle

The castle marketed to the public as “Dracula’s Castle” is actually Bran Castle, a fortress perched high on a mountain above the town of Bran in Romania. It sits at the border between the Romanian regions of Transylvania and Wallachia.

Construction of the present castle was completed in 1388, and for nearly 500 years thereafter it served as both a customs house and military stronghold to defend Transylvania from invasion.

We visited the Bran Castle …

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Athens at Night via Segway

Segway for Seniors. 🙂 We did a tour of Athens on Segways after dark. It was GREAT!! None of us had ever ridden a Segway before, so we were a little nervous. But Vera, our tour guide/instructor, had us riding, turning, stopping, and even backing up in literally five minutes. It was incredibly easy.

After an hour, we were navigating through throngs of tourists, avoiding the occasional car or motorcycle, and riding along bumpy, winding, …

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