Silvertone 1457 with amp in case

Even Mick Jagger played one of these!

My parents got me this guitar when I was about 14. (For those of you who are counting, that would be around 1968…) I was psyched. It was cool, it was loud…. what more could you want?

I’ll tell you what: a Vox wah pedal, because my buddy Frank told me that was the kind of pedal Jimi Hendrix used. So I saved up enough money ($20!) to go to the local music store and grab one of them, too.

Then I was set: two lipstick-tube pickups, wah on the floor, built-in tremolo in the amp, and off you go to psychedelic heaven.

A couple of years ago, I dug up this guitar and the wah pedal in the attic at my mom’s house, where they had sat since I had gone acoustic/folkie in the early ’70s. The neck was kind of bowed, and with no truss rod to adjust it, the situation was beyond my fairly meager repair capabilities. Still, I coaxed a little bit of music out of the old axe — bowed neck and all — before passing it along to a better home.

Oh, yeah…. here’s one of those pictures of Mick with this guitar


Silvertone 1457: Body Front
Silvertone 1457: Body Front


Silvertone 1457 in case


Silvertone 1457: Amp in Case
Silvertone 1457: Amp in Case


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