Two New NFTs, Available for Free

Black Cow in a Cave at Midnight

I have minted two new NFTs on the Hic et Nunc marketplace on the (environmentally friendly) Tezos blockchain.

Albino Cow in a Blizzard

Black Cow in a Cave at Midnight

You should go check them out, I think they are kind of fun. And a bit of a satire on the latest version of this NFT craze, where little pixelated images of things are selling for big bucks.

Oh, by the way… These are up for free. You can grab one for nothing, all you need is a Tezos wallet with the tiny amount of tezos in it to cover the transaction fee (a few pennies worth).

Once you’ve got them for free, you can probably flip them for thousands of dollars. Which is okay by me, since I will get a royalty on it…