Silvertone 1457: Body Front

Silvertone 1457 with amp in case

Even Mick Jagger played one of these!

My parents got me this guitar when I was about 14. (For those of you who are counting, that would be around 1968…) I was psyched. It was cool, it was loud…. what more could you want?

I’ll tell you what: a Vox wah pedal, because my buddy Frank told me that was the kind of pedal Jimi Hendrix used. So I saved up enough money ($20!) to …

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Dean Edge 5 5-String Bass: Body

Dean Edge 5 5-string bass

So what’s that extra string for … ??

This was a garage-sale find. I’d always wanted to try out a bass, and there one was — great shape, low price, little bass amp and gig bag included. It came home with me. This is a very nice instrument, and I really liked the transparent red finish. But I just couldn’t get the hang of that extra string down there with the low notes. If I …

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1960s Teisco EJ-1: Body

1960s Teisco EJ-1

Nice reverb-y ’60s sound

Stole this one off of eBay a few years ago while everyone else was watching the Super Bowl. Apparently he’d been just sitting in a closet for almost 40 years. He was so unwanted that the price and shipping together were less than $40! (I told you I stole it.) It took a little bit of work to get him into shape, but once he was — man! The action was …

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Ibanez AM-73 Artcore: Front

Ibanez AM-73 Artcore

Almost too classy for me

My wife had a co-worker who was selling this guitar for his dad. The price was right, so we gained another resident. You will hear me say many times that I’ve never played an Ibanez guitar I didn’t like, and this one just continued the streak. If you want smooth jazz or slow blues, this is your axe. This is one of the Ibanez semi-hollow guitars with a smaller body …

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1980s Cort Effector, Explorer Body Shape: Front

1980s Cort Effector, Explorer Body Shape

Very cool guitar, even if the effects didn’t work

Found this guy in a local pawn shop. Played and sounded surprisingly good. Unfortunately, the effects didn’t work — there were a couple of broken wires, and apparently other things as well. I tinkered a little, reconnected the wires, but still got no effects. Nice guitar even without them, though. Sometimes I think I should have kept it.







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