Holy Wars Lyrics

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Holy Wars

Lyrics and music by Ed Perrone (BMI)
Copyright © 2005 Ed Perrone. All rights reserved.
From the album, Holy Wars (2006)

They’re taking me away
Because they didn’t like the things I had to say
My thinking’s out of line
And so they tell me that salvation can’t be mine

They’re pounding at the door
My brain is frozen, I’m just staring at the floor
With scriptures in their hand (weapons!)
They spread their message all across the godless land

And they tell me Jesus saves the sinners’ souls
But who will save me from his …

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50 Years of Baseball and a Remarkable Discovery

If I am remembering correctly (and I think I am), my Dad took me to my first big-league baseball game in 1964. It occurred to me the other day that means this year will be 50 years since I went to my first ballgame.

The ballgame¬†was at Connie Mack Stadium in Philadelphia. It was actually a twi-night double-header between the Phillies and the Mets. We only stayed for the first game, though. The Phillies won. (It was ’64 — the Phils were great and the Mets sucked. Of course the Phillies won.)

My most vivid memory from that game …

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Indiana Strat Copy

Whammies and surfers and lipsticks, oh my!

Okay, I admit it. The main reason I bought this guitar was because it was dirt cheap. And also because it had a whammy bar. I’d never really worked with a whammy much, and I wanted something cheap and “expendable” to experiment on.

I ended up getting more than I bargained for (as I’ve found you often do with these inexpensive and/or old guitars). In addition to a dedicated “whammy” guitar, I discovered that the bridge pickup on this guy is perfect for playing old surf-style and psychedelic rock — even better than …

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Applause AE-15 12-string

Space-age technology, indestructible neck

Found this guy on eBay listed as a “project” guitar. I asked the seller what was wrong with it. He said the action was a little high. Huh? That’s a project? I learned to play guitar on a cheap Kay acoustic in the ’60s… high action don’t bother me! (The action on this guitar wasn’t really all that high, anyway, until you get up around the 7th, 8th, 9th frets. And who plays a 12-string up there??) Anyway, I think I got the good deal because nobody else bothered to ask what “project” involved.

This is …

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July 4, 1976: The Bicentennial of the U.S. My story…

I was living in Philadelphia, the Cradle of Liberty.

I spent the night of the 4th in a Philadelphia jail, after squinting too closely at the badge number of one of Philly’s Finest, who was in the process of dropping a series of f-bombs on a poor foreign tourist couple who barely spoke English and who had the audacity to appear to have been asking the cop for directions. Welcome to Amerika…

The cops, of course, had been ordered by Hizzoner Frank Rizzo to round up all the radicals and hippies, who he said were planning on blowing up City …

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Nuclear Anniversary

I was running around all day Thursday, and it wasn’t until late in the day that I noticed the date: March 28th. That’s a big day for me. The anniversary of the Three Mile Island fiasco…. er, accident. Thirty-four years this year.

I was there. I lived just a couple of miles away from the plant. As a reporter for Harrisburg Magazine, I covered the entire thing, so I got — literally¬†— the inside scoop. I went on a tour of the damaged plant, I attended a press conference with President Jimmy Carter, I went to the NRC …

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Summer 2012 Group Shot

We had a busy summer here…

Here is a group shot from August, 2012. It was getting a little crowded around here for awhile. Some of these guys will get their own pages soon, but for now we just got them all together for a group shot.


On the walls, left to right:

  • Applause AE-15 12-string
  • Ibanez PF-10
  • Applause AA-31

On stands, left to right:

  • Teisco (?) CE-101, with gold-foil pickup
  • Ibanez RX-60
  • Trump solidbody electric, with gold-foil pickup
  • Indiana Strat copy
  • First Act bass

Leaning against speaker cab:

  • Yamaha G-55A classical


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