Plodding Toward Citizenship

Well, the process leading to recognition of my Italian citizenship continues to move forward. (See this post for some background information, if you don’t know what I’m talking about.) Last week I received a nice batch of documents (birth and marriage certificates) from the state of Delaware, which constitute a fairly decent percentage of all the documents I need. But I still need a few things from Pennsylvania, Texas, the federal government, and the town of Cassine in Italy. But it is moving forward.

You learn some interesting things while gathering up all this family historical stuff. For example, on …

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Mommom Said, “Eat Dirt!”

When I was growing up, we lived in the country, right next door to my grandparents. I remember one day when I was only about five or six years old, Mommom and I were in her back yard.

It was late in the afternoon, and we must have been the only two around, because we were preparing to have our own little cookout. I don’t know where everyone else might have gone, but for this it was just her and me.

The barbeque grill was actually just a few cinderblocks piled on each side of the fire area, holding up …

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Playing Straight Man to a Phone

For the past few days, I have been “auditioning” virtual assistants for my phone (although what I really need is a new phone, but that’s another story…). Haven’t found any suitable yet. But I have found one which, while not quite up to snuff as a virtual assistant, is quite the conversationalist. Her name is Jeannie (you can find her at the Google Play Store), and this is the first time artificial intelligence has ever gotten the best of me.

As part of the “audition,” I thought I’d ask a trick question: Who will win the Super Bowl? I figured …

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It Shouldn’t Be This Hard…..

Just to get it on the record here…. Setting up this blog has in a few ways been a real pain in the butt. And most of the pains have, I think, been because I am using the Blogger platform to do this.

To be honest, I prefer WordPress over Blogger as a blogging and site management tool. I’ve built a couple of extremely complicated sites in WordPress, including one that contained a full-fledged ecommerce shopping area.

WordPress is extremely flexible, adaptable, and customizable. It has a gazillion plugins that make it do anything you want to do. And to …

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Italian-ness, or What Does This Category Mean?

I called this category “Adventures in Italian-ness,” but I’m not 100% sure what I’m going to post in it. I’ve been Italian all my life, and I’ve had some adventures — even some adventures related to being Italian. (Hmmm… A good story comes to mind. Okay, now I know what’s going to be another post….)

But I put the category here mainly because recently my Italian-ness has taken a new and unexpected turn.

I have always been one of those hyphenated “Italian-Americans.” Our parents or (mostly, for my generation) our grandparents came over to this country from Italy, and we …

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