Bombing them back to the Stone Age….

Saw an article today where the President says we are bombing ISIS “harder than ever.” Over 9,000 air strikes and counting. This brings some thoughts to my mind. Follow along with me here for a minute, if you don’t mind….

We have been bombing the crap out of people for about 14 years now. Afghanistan. Iraq. Pakistan. Who knows where else? Just bombing and bombing and bombing the crap out of all kinds of people.

Supposedly we are eliminating terrorists and making the world a safer place.


Are there fewer terrorists in the world now than there were 14 …

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The WD-40 Song Lyrics

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The WD-40 Song

Lyrics and music by Ed Perrone (BMI)
Copyright © 2015 Ed Perrone. All rights reserved.
Digital single (2015)

One day many years ago, when I was about thirteen,
Daddy took me aside and told me, “Son, there are things you’ve never seen.
I’m gonna tell you now a secret you’ll need to know when you’re a man.
The solution to every guy’s problems come in a little blue sprayin’ can.

Well if your nuts are tight, if your tool is rusty,
If it’s hard to screw because your driver is all crusty,
If you need to slide …

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Holding My Tongue

You know, there are days — today happens to be one of them — when it takes every ounce of my self-control to not post a comment bashing certain people. Even when those people are total arrogant assholes who deserve more than anything to be bashed… and who don’t hesitate to do all kinds of bashing on their own.

But I restrain myself, because bashing does not solve the problem, bashing IS the problem. So I hold my tongue, even though it’s really not my nature to do so.

I post this now not to pat myself on the back, …

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Touring the Cosmos Lyrics

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Touring the Cosmos

Lyrics by Ed Perrone and Vicky Perrone
Music by Ed Perrone
Copyright © 2015 Ed Perrone (BMI). All rights reserved.
Digital single (2015)

Flying into London but the Queen doesn’t care,
She says Abbie’s going downtown, you can visit her there.
Eating fish and chips and drinking ale in the pub, what a good time.

See the white cliffs of Dover, take the ferry to France,
We don’t know what’s coming next, but we’re gonna take a chance.
Climb aboard the bus where we’re meeting old friends for the first time.

And we’ll be touring the Cosmos…

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