Texas “Bathroom Bill” – Go Pee in the “Wrong” Bathroom!

Transgender bathroom sign: We Don't Care
Reddit: Shdiggy (http://i.imgur.com/g0LkmtA.jpg)


They are planning to introduce one of those “bathroom bills” in the Texas Legislature. The bill number is SB 6. You can read it here.

Here is what I think should happen:

On the day the committee is holding a hearing on the bill, everyone should show up at the state capitol, and line up to pee in the “wrong” bathroom. Thousands and thousands of people. All going into the “wrong” bathroom to take a leak.

If I were in Austin, I would organize it. But I’m not, so I need help to spread it around and get it going. Tell all your friends. Especially tell all your friends in Austin. Let’s make this happen.

I will post the committee hearing date(s) when I have them.

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