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Here is a sampling of sites I have developed that have an interesting variety of features.

For additional information about my services, or to discuss a project you would like to implement, please send me an e-mail at

Merriman Market Analyst

Online store selling products and subscriptions relating to market timing. Subscriptions are delivered automatically delivered to customers as e-publications. Shop is set up using OpenCart, but heavily customized to meet the specific needs of the client. The site also incorporates news, announcements, blog posts, etc., that the client updates through the administrative module.

Merriman Market Timing Academy

Training program developed by Raymond Merriman to teach high-level market timing for stock, bond, metals, and currency traders. Website provides information on upcoming programs, history of past programs, student/graduate investment reports, links to registration modules, etc.

B&F Paving, LLC

Basic informational site for asphalt paving company located in Hockessin, Delaware.

Recipe-sharing website with a variety of features: Recipe of the Day features a different recipe each day. Users can sign up for accounts and share their own recipes on the site, save a list of favorite recipes for easy reference, etc. Administrative functions allow site managers to add, edit, and delete recipes, manage member accounts, etc. Members can sign up to receive the Recipe of the Day via email or via RSS feed. Social networking features are also integrated into the site, including the ability to comment on and share recipes via Facebook.

Astrological website which provides calculations of the current astrological positions of the Sun, Moon, and planets. Note the Flash-based logo of the site, which also provides some basic calculations.

United Astrology Conference 2012

The latest incarnation of the world's largest conference of professional astrologers. I did this site for UAC 2008, and have now done the site for the 2012 conference as well. It includes information on the speakers and lecturers, the class and lecture schedules, hotel accomodations, and more. In addition, an online registration module allows attendees to register for the conference and a wide variety of associated activities (pre- and post-conference workshops, entertainment, etc.).

Astrological website providing forecasts, data, calculations, etc. Several features at the site ("Today's Lunar Aspects," "Current Planetary Positions," "Today's Transit Forecast," "Ephemeris Calculator") feature real-time astrological calculations. The site also features an online astrological bookstore with books from, and offers personal astrological reports for sale.

United Astrology Conference 2008

Website for the world's largest conference of professional astrologers. The site includes information on the speakers and lecturers, the class and lecture schedules, hotel accomodations, and more. In addition, an online registration module allows attendees to register for the conference and a wide variety of associated activities (pre- and post-conference workshops, entertainment, etc.).

An e-commerce site which sells women's personal, home, and fashion accessories. The site allows customers to browse, search, and purchase items; and there is an administrative "back-end" area which allows the site's managers to manage their online inventory.

This site utilizes a third-party Java-based shopping cart to handle the actual purchases and credit-card billing for the customers. I created custom programming to integrate the site management features with the shopping cart, as well as modifying and customizing some of the shopping cart code.

International Academy of Astrology
(formerly Online College of Astrology)

I have worked on this site on an ongoing basis as Technical Director since late 1997, and did a major (seven-month) overhaul and reprogramming of the site's functionality in September, 2002. The new site automates numerous features that administrators and visitors previously had to do "by hand." This includes an extensive administrative back-end, through which the site's managers can update class schedules, manage the member/student database (including class registrations), manage staff and faculty access and administrative privileges, and more, all through a simple point-and-click Web browser interface.

In addition, a highly integrated shopping cart with additional online payment options was added to the site. This shopping cart allows visitors to purchase a wide variety of diverse items, including books/software to be shipped to them, e-books to be downloaded, and class registrations (i.e., purchasing access to the private student areas) all in the same order with a minimum of fuss.

Student/member/faculty areas are all highly personalized, displaying only the information and links relevant to that person (for example, libraries for courses a student is registered for, but not other libraries; or various functions depending upon a staff person's level of authority).

The site also has an affiliate program, with automated crediting of affiliate commissions on each sale, and easy, online payment to affiliates via the administrative back-end.

This is a really, really nice site (if I do say so myself) which, in actuality, incorporates virtually every feature I have ever developed for a Web site into a single, highly ambitious yet highly integrated online business.

Ed Perrone Music

Ed Perrone Music is the site to display and promote my music. You can listen to music clips and entire songs, as well as see information on my other musical activities.

Real-time online ticketing system to allow Web users to purchase tickets to a variety of events in the Texarkana, Texas, area.

The site allows customers to view schedules of upcoming events at participating venues, to see detailed seating charts of the venues, to select the specific seats they would like, and to purchase their tickets online. The seating charts are updated after each transaction, so that customers can always see exactly which seats are available.

In addition to the public portion of the site, there are extensive administrative capabilities. The site's managers can add and custom-configure new venues (including logos, specific color schemes, types of credit cards accepted, etc.). The venues themselves can add events to their schedules and view up-to-the-minute reports of sales activities.

Note: Apparently this site is no longer in operation. But it was a darned nice site while it was....

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