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A halfway house for rejected, outcast guitars. Not a Betty Ford Clinic for hoity-toity, high-priced guitars with what some would call a "perfect pedigree." But instead a place to restore the self-confidence of mutts and mongrels -- those unappreciated, and often under-appreciated, axes of sometimes-questionable parentage, whose abilities are no less than the ritzy bunch, but who simply need one more chance to demonstrate it.

They come here from pawn shops, and garage sales, and Goodwill stores, and online auction sites. They're usually covered with dust, their strings are rusty (if indeed they still have strings at all!), and they often haven't been played in months or even years.

While they're here, they get cleaned up. They get new strings, they get tuned. Their various bits and pieces get adjusted, sometimes replaced. And they get something they've been sorely missing: they get played. That's the whole point of a guitar, you know. Its purpose in life. To be played.

As they get played, and as they get maintained on a regular basis, they regain their lost confidence. They feel wanted and useful again. Most are then ready to go back out into the world to a more-permanent home. A few end up sticking around on a longer-term basis -- like some human clients who go through a halfway house, complete the program, and then come back on staff.

Here are a few who've passed through our doors. As we get more "graduates," I'll add their stories as well. We tend to keep the population low here, so that everyone can receive a good deal of personal attention...

Graduates of Ed's Home for Wayward Guitars

Indiana Strat Copy Indiana Strat Copy
Whammies and surfers and lipsticks, oh my!

Applause AE-15 12-string Applause AE-15 12-string
Space-age technology, indestructible neck

Summer 2012 Group Shot Summer 2012 Group Shot
We had a busy summer here...

Silvertone 1457 with amp in case Silvertone 1457 with amp in case
Even Mick Jagger played one of these!

Dean Edge 5 5-string bass Dean Edge 5 5-string bass
So what's that extra string for ... ??

Ibanez AM-73 Artcore Ibanez AM-73 Artcore
Almost too classy for me

1960s Teisco EJ-1 1960s Teisco EJ-1
Nice reverb-y '60s sound

1980s Cort Effector, Exlporer body shape 1980s Cort Effector, Explorer body shape
Very cool guitar, even if the effects didn't work

More to come as I get the time, including Teisco CE-101 with gold-foil pickup, Trump solidbody electric, Yamaha CG-55A, and more...

Important: The guitars on these pages are NOT for sale. Most have moved on to permanent homes and I no longer own them. The ones I still own, I want to keep. If I have guitars for sale, they will be listed on eBay.

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