Ed Perrone's music is available to you for a variety of uses. This page outlines the various licenses that are available.

Film and TV:

Use of existing music in a film or TV show normally requires two separate licenses. A synchronization license, issued by the writer or publisher of the work, authorizes you to use the musical work itself. A master use license, issued by the recording artist or record label, allows you to use a specific recording of the work.

If you are going to hire your own musicians to re-record one of Ed Perrone's songs for your film/TV use, you only need the synchronization license. To use one of Ed's own recordings of his works, you will need both the synchronization license and the master use license (normally combined into a single document).

In addition, you will need to file a music cue sheet with BMI, the performing rights society which manages licensing and tracking of Ed's works. Filing the cue sheet is free of charge. (If you use music from other writers who belong to other performing rights societies, you will need to file copies of the cue sheet with those societies as well.)

Film and TV licensing fees are negotiable and can be designed to fit your budget. Please contact us with an outline of your project and the titles of the songs you are interested in licensing.

Broadcasting, Webcasting, Digital Radio, and Cable Music Providers:

Radio broadcasters, webcasters, and digital music providers are encouraged to include Ed Perrone's music in their playlists. Ed's music is licensed under agreements with BMI and SoundExchange. Your use of his music is covered under your existing licenses with these organizations. If you are a licensee of BMI and (for digital providers) SoundExchange, then you need no additional permissions or licenses to broadcast Ed's songs.

Please contact us for information on obtaining CDs of music.

If you are not a BMI or SoundExchange licensee, we strongly encourage you to acquire a license. The licensing fee you pay entitles you to legally broadcast all of the music in the respective organization's catalog. (In the case of BMI, this includes music by the Beatles, Elvis Presley, Norah Jones, and over 300,000 other songwriters!) Your fee is then pooled with those of all other licensees, and distributed to the artists whose music you broadcast -- helping to support them in creating more music.

To learn more about broadcast and webcast licensing, please visit the BMI and SoundExchange websites.

Cover artists:

If you are a band or musician who would like to record a cover version of one of Ed Perrone's songs, you will require a mechanical license. Mechanical licenses are generally issued under the terms and rates set by the Copyright Office, and are based on the number of CDs you intend to produce. Please contact us for more information.

Compilation CDs and similar projects:

To include Ed Perrone's recordings on a compilation CD, or for use in video games, websites, or similar projects, please contact us with an outline of your project.

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